Online Texas LTC Class Completion Preparation Information

Please read this preparation information carefully. It is very important that you prepare properly!

To prepare for the range instruction and shooting proficiency test, you should:

1. Expect– To complete an online Texas LTC class and comply with state law, we must spend at least an hour doing range instruction plus the shooting proficiency test for me to complete and sign the LTC-101 Certificate of Training. I use a friend’s private land near Springtown for the range time. No restroom facilities are available at the range. If other arrangements have been made, I may use other safe land or a local range. There will not be an opportunity to warm up or practice. You will shoot from behind a table so there is a place to set your handgun, magazine and ammo. I work hard to make the test as safe, enjoyable and stress-free as possible. I want everyone to succeed!

2. Choose a Handgun – You may bring and use any SAFE and RELIABLE semi-auto pistol or revolver of any caliber on the shooting proficiency test. The type of handgun or caliber no longer matter. You cannot use a laser, red dot sight or scope. You can share a handgun if needed. You can rent a handgun from me for the test for $5. If you rent my handgun, you still need to provide 50-100 rounds of new factory “9mm Luger” ammo unless you also arrange to purchase the ammo from me. The handgun should be UNLOADED, clean and lightly lubricated. It really slows down the test if we have to deal with constant jams.

3. Secure Ammunition– You need to purchase or secure 50-100 rounds of practice or range ammunition of the correct caliber for your handgun ASAP. At least 50 rounds is required for the shooting test, but you may bring 50 extra rounds in case you need to take the test again. I strongly prefer you bring FMJ type Winchester, Remington (UMC), Federal, Speer, Blazer “Brass”, Magtech, Fiocchi or PMC brand ammo for safety and reliability. Please DO NOT bring Wolf, Tula, Silver Bear or other cheap foreign made ammo. NO RELOADED ammo can be used. Walmart and Academy Sports usually have the best prices on ammo.

4. Familiarize – Spend some time learning how your handgun functions – loading, unloading, locking back and releasing the slide, loading magazines, etc. You must point the handgun in a safe direction and double check to make sure it is completely UNLOADED and NO AMMUNITION is around before familiarizing yourself with it.

5. Practice – Spend some time practicing shooting at a range if possible. The shooting proficiency test is not difficult but practice helps. The test requires you to shoot 50 rounds of ammunition at a “B-27″ human silhouette target. You will shoot 20 rounds from 3 yards, 20 rounds from 7 yards and 10 rounds from 15 yards in specific steps with time to rest in between. For maximum points, you need to shoot most of the 50 rounds into the center 13″w X 18″h area of the B-27 target. You must score 175 out of 250 possible points to pass or qualify (70%). Click here for the official outline of the shooting proficiency test (.pdf file).

6. Bring – You will need to bring your driver’s license, signed Class and Safety Agreements, LTC-101 Certificate of Training, final payment, handgun, magazine, ammunition and ear and eye protection. The handgun and magazines must be UNLOADED and carried in a case, box or bag. I have extra earmuffs if you need to borrow a pair. Shooting glasses, safety glasses, prescription glasses or sunglasses can be used for eye protection. You should wear a hat, shirt that is closed at the top and closed-toed shoes.

7. Apply– You can start the license application process with Texas DPS before or after you complete the class. My Texas LTC Application Instructions can be viewed here. It will probably speed up the process if you start working on the application process before you complete the class, but it is up to you. The LTC-101 Certificate of Training is valid for 2 years if you want to apply for the license a little later to spread out the cost. To learn more or start the license application process through the DPS website, click here.

Questions? I have a FAQ page on my website you can read by clicking here and Texas DPS has a comprehensive FAQ page you can read by clicking here.

I look forward to meeting and working with you. If you have any questions, feel free to email, text or call me.

Thank you!

Shane A. Scott, The Texas LTC Coach

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