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Q. There are lots of Texas License To Carry instructors and classes around, what makes your classes unique?

A.  Quality of instruction. I am an experienced teacher and have taught over 250 Texas LTC classes since the Fall 2012. I cover all the DPS material thoroughly and do not sell anything. I do not use profanity or spread political propaganda in my classes. I teach students to value human life, avoid using force if at all possible, support and comply with law enforcement and carry courteously and safely. I use high-quality Powerpoint presentations, videos and hands on exercises. I work patiently with students until they qualify if possible. A LTC class is a better experience in a smaller group and comfortable setting.

Q.  I saw an advertisement for a cheaper LTC class on a coupon website. Why is your price a little higher?

A. Cheaper coupon type classes are usually large impersonal classes. I only teach smaller classes where I can give quality instruction and personal attention and ensure safety. My classes are priced as low or lower than most other instructors. I work hard to make the classes as enjoyable, informative and stress-free as possible. I will answer your questions and help you before or after the class. My private class rates are lower than any instructor, if available at all.

Q.  Where do you hold your handgun classes?

A.  I usually hold my classes in a comfortable classroom setting at Walnut Creek Baptist Church in Azle (Reno), just a short drive from the Springtown, Weatherford and Decatur areas. I conduct the shooting proficiency test at private land near Springtown. I can travel to your location for a private class if preferred. I will hold private classes in homes, meeting rooms and churches and conduct the shooting tests at nearby private land or a shooting range.

Q.  How do I register for a class?

A.  Send an email to that states the class date and your name and phone number. I will email the class preparation and deposit information to you. A $25 non-refundable deposit by mail or online payment is required to finalize a space in the class. The deposit is applied to the total class fee. If a student has to cancel for a good reason, I will apply the student’s deposit to a future class.

Q.  How do I apply for a new Texas License to Carry?

A.  You can view my Texas LTC Application Instructions by clicking here. You need to complete two major tasks: 1) Complete a Texas LTC class to get the LTC-100 Certificate of Training form to submit to the Texas Department of Public Safety. The Certificate of Training is valid for 2 years if you want to spread out the cost of obtaining the license over a few months. 2) Complete the license application process through Texas DPS and pay the license fee. The fee is usually $40, but there are discounts for veterans, senior citizens and other special conditions. You can view the DPS license fee schedule by clicking here. DPS prefers you to use their online application process, but you can still submit a paper application. As a part of the online application process, you will also pay for and schedule electronic fingerprinting ($10). You can start the process or learn more by clicking here. It usually takes 30-60 days to receive your license once you have completed the application process through DPS.

Q.  What should I expect at a LTC class?

A.  The Texas LTC class is at least 4 hours of classroom instruction plus the time it takes for breaks and to shoot the proficiency test at the range. My classes are approximately 6 hours total. The classroom instruction will cover the DPS required subjects using Powerpoint presentations, videos and hands-on exercises. There is a standard 25 question written test at the end of the class. The questions are multiple choice and true/false. If you pay attention in class, you should have no problem on the written test. A class study guide is available by clicking here.

Q.  What do I need to bring to a LTC class?

A.  You will need a good black pen and paper for notes for the classroom portion. You can use your own handgun or rent one from me for $5 for the shooting proficiency test. Students can share a handgun if needed. You will need an UNLOADED handgun, one UNLOADED magazine and 50-100 rounds of factory new range ammunition. Click here for detailed preparation information.

Q.  What kind of handgun and ammunition do I need to bring?

A.  The handgun can be a semi-auto pistol or revolver of any caliber – it no longer matters. It must be in SAFE and RELIABLE working condition. You will need 50-100 rounds of ammunition for the shooting test. NO RELOADED or cheap foreign ammo can be used for safety and reliability reasons. Click here for detailed preparation information.

Q.  How much experience with shooting handguns do I need to have before I take a LTC class?

A.  Students new to shooting handguns are welcome. The Texas LTC class is not intended or designed for people who have never or rarely shot a handgun, but inexperienced students usually pass the shooting proficiency test without a problem. A student needs to be familiar with his or her handgun and know how to load a magazine and load, operate, shoot and unload the handgun safely before the class. If a person is completely new to shooting handguns, I suggest he or she enroll in an introductory handgun class and gain some experience at a shooting range before taking the LTC class. If a student does not pass the range qualification test the first time, I will have him or her shoot it again if time allows or schedule another trip to the range at a later date ($30-40 extra fee). I patiently work with students until they qualify if possible. I offer an Introduction to Handguns class and shooting lessons for newer shooters needing instruction and practice.

Q. What is the LTC Shooting Proficiency Test?

A.  The shooting proficiency test requires students to shoot 50 rounds of ammunition at a “B-27” human silhouette target.  Students shoot 20 rounds from 3 yards, 20 rounds from 7 yards and 10 rounds at 15 yards in specific steps with time to rest in between. For maximum points, students need to shoot most of the 50 rounds into the center 13″w X 18″h area of the B-27 target. Click here for the official outline of the shooting proficiency test (.pdf file). A student must score 175 out of 250 possible points to qualify (70%). The test is usually conducted at private land near Springtown. I work hard to make the shooting test as safe, stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

A LTC student needs to be familiar with his or her handgun and know how to load a magazine and load, operate, shoot and unload the handgun safely before the class.

Q. When can I apply to Texas DPS for a License to Carry?

A. You can start the license application process with DPS before or after the class. It will speed up the process if you start working on the application before the class, but it is up to you. The LTC-100 Certificate of Training is valid for 2 years if someone wants to take the LTC class now and apply for the license a little later to spread out the cost. To learn more or start the license application process through the DPS website, click here.

Q.  What are the requirements for obtaining a License to Carry in Texas?

A.  The best source of information on requirements and everything related to concealed handgun licenses is found on the Texas DPS LTC website. To visit the DPS FAQ page click here. The Texas “Concealed Handgun License” or “CHL” is now called a “License to Carry” or “LTC” with the legalization of licensed open carry in Texas on January 1, 2016.

Q.  I lost my LTC-100 Certificate of Training. Can I get a replacement?

A.  Yes. Email me with the date or month and year of your class and I will confirm your class completion and produce a replacement certificate. I can meet up with you or mail it to you. You will need to sign it and text or email a copy of the completed certificate to me for my records. There is a $10 fee for replacement certificates.

Email the Coach at for more information about classes, scheduling and pricing or to register for a class.

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The Texas LTC (CHL) Coach holds Texas License to Carry and other handgun classes in Azle, Texas for students in the Azle, Springtown, Weatherford, Decatur, Poolville, Aledo, Bridgeport, Lake Worth, Saginaw and west Fort Worth area.