Take the Online Texas LTC Class from Texas Carry Academy

How it Works: The online Texas LTC Class requires 4 hours of online class instruction that is completed at your own pace and a short test using your smartphone, tablet or computer. When you finish, you will print the LTC-101 Certificate of Training form and complete the required hour or so of “in person” range instruction and shooting proficiency with a local instructor.

Online Class Provider: I recommend Texas Carry Academy and Point Blank CHL for your online Texas LTC class. Use my LINK to take the Texas LTC class at Texas Carry Academy for only $49.99! Don’t live in my area? You can still take the online LTC class at the discounted price with my LINK and use an instructor in your area for the shooting part. A list of local instructors is available on the TCA website.

The link to the discounted online class at Texas Carry Academy is:
No promo code or discount code is needed.

Range Instruction Cost: The cost to complete the “in person” range instruction and shooting proficiency test varies from instructor to instructor. If you live near the Fort Worth area, I charge $20 per person to complete the “in person” requirements if you took the class online through my LINK to Texas Carry Academy. I conduct the “in person” requirements during one of my public LTC classes or hold special online completion classes. A private individual class costs a little more. Email me at texasltccoach@outlook.com for options, details and cost. I have .22 LR ammo and a couple of .22 LR pistols that can be rented for $10 for the shooting proficiency test if needed.

Location: I hold my Texas LTC classes in the Azle-Springtown area, just west of Fort Worth. Weatherford, Aledo, Decatur, Fort Worth and Lake Worth are also nearby. The range instruction and shooting proficiency test are conducted at private land near Springtown.

Email the Coach at texasltccoach@outlook.com for more information about classes, scheduling and pricing or to register for a class.

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Link to my other online class page: https://txchlcoach.com/online/

The Texas LTC (CHL) Coach holds Texas License to Carry and other handgun classes in Azle, Texas for students in the Azle, Springtown, Weatherford, Decatur, Poolville, Aledo, Lake Worth, Saginaw, Mineral Wells and west Fort Worth area. TX